IHEC clarifies data entry procedures for manual counting

  • 16-10-2021, 18:02
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Independent High Electoral Commission clarified, today, Saturday, the procedures for entering data for manual counting and sorting, while confirming that all results of the ballot boxes that were sent over the air with a memory stick.

    A member of the Board of Commissioners, Muhannad Al-Ansari, said in a statement to Al-Iraqiya News Channel, which was followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the manual counting and sorting process was carried out and the results were announced through the form strips that are attached inside or outside the center and which will be sent to the data entry center in the National Office." , stressing that "the process is carried out in the presence of observers for political entities and representatives of the candidates."

    He added, "The majority of the boxes that sent their results over the air and the memory stick were matched and appeared to be identical," noting that "some of these boxes, which is the last meal, were locked up, and after their results were sent to the data entry center, they were also identical, where the matching process between the QR device takes place. and the tape that holds the password for the ballot papers.

    Al-Ansari pointed out that "the results were sent on paper to the data entry center in the National Office to be added to the preliminary results issued by the Commission," explaining that "the boxes do not contain equal numbers of votes, some contain 450 votes and others less than 100 votes, and this matter It can only be predicted after all the chests are opened.”

    He stressed that "the issue of changing the results depends on the validity of the papers in these boxes.