Venezuela vows to prosecute Colombian President at the International Criminal Court

  • 14-10-2021, 10:13
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    Venezuela announced its intention to prosecute Colombian President Ivan Duque before the International Criminal Court for the genocide of Venezuelan immigrants in his country.
    Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said in a speech broadcast on state television today, "Venezuela will bring Ivan Duque before the International Criminal Court on charges of extermination and persecution of our migrants," noting that these violations are systematic and widespread and should not go unpunished.
    "We no longer want to see migrants humiliated, targeted, persecuted and killed," she added, noting that Colombian official statistics indicate that about two thousand Venezuelan migrants were killed in Colombia between 2017 and 2021.
    Venezuela condemned yesterday the mass killing of Venezuelan immigrants in Colombia after the extrajudicial execution of a young man and boy, aged 18 and 12, in a border area between the two countries.
    The killing of the two Venezuelan people took place last Saturday in the town of Tibo in the northern province of Santander on the border with Venezuela, and their bodies were found covered in blood on a rural road, and it seems that they were shot in the chest, according to the photos posted on social networking sites.