IHEC: The Announced Results of the elections are for private and public voting

  • 11-10-2021, 20:27
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    Independent High Electoral Commission - IHEC confirmed on Monday, that the announced electoral results represent both public and private votes.

    "The transfer of election results from the memory stick was done manually to ensure 100% accuracy as the results announced today represent the public and private votes,”said the member of the media team in the Electoral Commission, Imad Jamil, to Al-Iraqiya News, followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA). 

    He added, "The results are preliminary because there are appeals and complaints for consideration," noting that "the total of complaints amounted to 95 for the public vote and 25 for the private vote,”

    “The Electoral Commission will continue to receive appeals for 3 days," he noted stressing that "the appeals will be resolved and considered within a week after their submission,”