Masjedi: Baghdad will host the 4th round of talks with KSA

  • 24-09-2021, 17:30
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    Baghdad - INA - Harith Al-Ibadi

    The Islamic Republic of Iran announced today, Friday, its full support for the Iraqi government to hold the upcoming elections on 10th of next October, indicating that the fourth round of talks with Saudi Arabia will be held in Baghdad.

    Iran's Role in the Upcoming Elections

    "What the Iraqi people decide will be  supported by The Islamic Republic of Iran," said the Iranian Ambassador to Baghdad, Erj Masjdi, in an interview with the Iraqi News Agency (INA), noting that "Tehran will cooperate and support Iraqi officials to hold the elections, after all the requirements to hold the elections have been fulfilled."

    Iranian-Saudi talks in Baghdad

    Masjdi added: "We are pleased to see Iraq playing a vital role at the regional level," noting that "Tehran fully support the Iraqi political role emerges, lauding the Iraqi endeavors and efforts."
    He continued that "the fourth round of talks with Saudi Arabia will take place in Baghdad," and hoped that “These talks are progressing constructively with Saudi Arabia."

    He stated that "talks with Saudi Arabia are undergoing, and we hope that we will reach fruitful results," pointing out that "the two sides are willing to negotiate and achieve successful results."
    Regarding the possibility of holding an Iranian-American meeting, Masjedi stressed that "The nuclear agreement was between The G 5+1 and the Islamic Republic of Iran, as the previous discussions were not bilateral, but rather with the European Union US, as well as the Islamic Republic of Iran," noting that " Over the new round of talks, we will not agree on the bilateral talks, since we have talks with Europeans, and our stances are transparent and specific.”

    "The Americans are the ones who left and withdrew from the nuclear agreement, and they are the one who should return to it," he said.

    Tehran's stance regarding the Iraqi openness

    The Iranian Ambassador stressed that his country "certainly supports what the Iraqi Government is doing to strengthen its relations with all States. We hope that the Iraqi Government will succeed in all its efforts. “Noting that "the political conditions today require the cooperation and coordination of the countries with each other."

    Al-Kadhimi's visit to Tehran

    Masjedi continued, "We thank Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi for his visit to Tehran, during which good discussions were held, most notably the activation of the railway project linking Shalamcheh and Basra," noting that "Al-Kadhimi indicated that after the Arbaʽeen Pilgrimage , the visa of Iranian travelers will be waived through flights, and after a certain  period of time, the visa for trips and visits may be waived, because this issue was approved by the Iranian government and it was necessary to ratify it by the government of Iraq.”

    The Iranian ambassador expressed his hope that "this decision will be implemented by the Iraqi government after the Arbaʽeen Pilgrimage."

    Iranian strikes on the border with KRG

    Masjedi indicated that " Kurdistan region should not allow the groups on the borders to target Iran," pointing out that "we have repeatedly asked KRG and the central government to stop these actions, but unfortunately these groups that opposed the Iranian government  cross the border and carry out terrorist acts, and then return to Kurdistan." 
    "These acts must be prevented, otherwise the Islamic Republic will have to carry out operations against these groups," he explained: "We do not wish the border areas with Kurdistan region to suffer any damage."

    Masjedi called "The officials in Kurdistan region and the Iraqi government to seriously address this problem."

    Targeting the vital facilities in Baghdad and Erbil

    Masjedi stressed that "Iran has great respect and appreciation for the Iraqi sovereignty as well as the Iraqi government, and we oppose any measures that lead to weaken  the Iraqi government in any way, as well as in Kurdistan region as well. The position of the Islamic Republic in this regard is completely clear and transparent."

    He continued, “The Islamic Republic does not support such acts at all," stressing the need to "support the Iraqi government so that security is fully established in the country."
    Iranian advisers

    Masjedi indicated that "During the period of the war with ISIS, our forces were supporting and assisting Iraq, and the Iranian advisors were cooperating with the Iraqi forces," explaining that "when the war ended, the presence of advisors depended on the circumstances."

    He stated: "There may be a number of advisors based on the desire of the Iraqi side, and this depends on Iraq's need."

     The economic relations between Iraq and Iran

    "We have cooperating relations in the economic as well as commercial fields," noting that "the relations of Iraq and Iran today are very developed, and both countries benefit from these relations," Masjedi affirmed.

    The withdrawal of the foreign forces from Iraq

    The Iranian ambassador added, "The decision to expel foreign forces from Iraq is the decision of the Iraqi parliament, and the Iraqi government," explaining that "the security of Iraq and the region must be provided by the forces of the region itself and does not need to bring foreign forces".

    Possible return of ISIS

    The Iranian ambassador pointed out that "there are remnants of small ISIS groups on the ground moving in the region here and there," explaining that "the security forces should not allow problems and accidents to occur for the citizens."

    "The strength of the Iraqi forces is able to provide full security," he said.

    The Security cooperation with Iraq

    Masjedi said that "there are cooperative relations between the Iranian and Iraqi defense ministries," adding that "these relations of cooperation will continue based on Iraq's need."

    Importing the Iranian Energy

    Masjedi said: "We have aspects of cooperation with regard to sell energy to Iraq, whether it is related to gas or electricity, as throughout the year these quantities sometimes decrease or increase," explaining that "the necessary cooperation came based on Iraq's need, this volume may decrease, due to the problems we have face.

    Masjedi called "the Iraqi government to pay the Iranian dues," pointing out that "good meetings will be held and the conditions will improve increasingly."

    Shared Water File

    Masjedi explained that "During the past years, Iran has been subjected to a lack of rainfall as well as drought and water shortage, and these matters may affect the proportion of water," noting that "the Islamic Republic of Iran has cooperated fully with Iraq in this aspect."

    Masjedi suggested that "the competent officials of both countries (Iraq and Iran) meet and discuss these matters and take a decision in a friendly and fraternal atmosphere," explaining: "We are willing and keen to provide any assistance and support."

    He continued, "We have also dealt with many problems, this issue is subject to consideration, competition and settlement," noting that "the Islamic Republic of Iran has made progress with Iraq in various files, whether political, economic and cultural."

    Arbaeen Pilgrimage

    Masjedi indicated that "this year, 60,000 Iranian pilgrims will participate in the Arbaeen Pilgrimage," explaining that "after the vaccination and the Corona pandemic, this process will return to its tracks."

    The Iranian Ambassador expressed the hope that "visitors to both countries will be able to travel easily."