Ministry of Environment warns of serious environmental challenges in Basra

  • 14-09-2021, 13:23
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    The Ministry of Environment warned Today, Tuesday, of serious environmental challenges in Basra province, while indicating that there is governmental interest in using modern technologies to exploit the associated gas.
    The Minister of Environment, Jassem Al-Falahi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that “Basra province represents the Iraqi food basket, but it suffers from serious environmental challenges," noting that "the most challenges that the province suffers are related to the oil industry."
    Al-Falahi added that "Most oil production areas suffer from the highest rate of pollution, and that most of the pollution is caused by burning the associated gas," noting that "Iraq wastes great economic wealth in burning the associated gas, which causes the production of toxins that affect the lives and health of people, In addition to the pollution of water and soil resulting from the use of chemicals, as well as contamination with crude oil.”
    He also stressed that "the environment and oil ministries are exerting their utmost efforts in cooperation with international organizations and donors, in order to reduce the volume of pollution," noting that "Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi is greatly interested in using modern technologies in the oil industries to exploit  the associated gas."