25 suspects were arrested in Baghdad

  • 9-09-2021, 15:26
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    The Security Media Cell (SMC) announced, today, Thursday, the arrest of 25 wanted suspects, including three terrorists.
    SMC said in statement , received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "The security units and intelligence agencies continue their efforts to pursue the remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs, outlaws, and organized crime gangs, according to accurate information and in high-level coordination with the Intelligence and Security of Baghdad Operations Command, as the Baghdad Security Department managed to arrest a wanted suspect according to Article 4 of anti-terrorism law in Rashidiya checkpoint, northeast of Baghdad, while a joint force from the Presidential Brigade and a detachment from Karrada intelligence arrested the second suspect in Jadriya area.
    The statement added, "A force from the 15th Federal Police Brigade managed to arrest the third suspect within the brigade's responsibility area."
    "The security forces continue to carry out the duties of inspection and purging of Tarmiyah areas, north of Baghdad, which resulted in the seizure of a BKC type machine gun and (6) rifles of different types with a stack of ammunition containing (12) boxes of ammunition and (42) rocket launchers of different types with (28) A propelling charge and a number of warehouses of ammunition from the military remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs, adding that "The eleventh infantry division units managed to arrest (17) suspects according to various legal articles during security operations ,"the statement continued.
    In a related issue, SMC stated that "The units of the First Division, Federal Police, arrested (5) suspects, including two accused of distributing and possessing narcotic drugs, in addition to seizing unlicensed weapons and (9) mortar rounds of various types, during search operations ".