CTS reveals new details about its Ops and identifies areas where ISIS remnants exist

  • 9-09-2021, 12:39
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    The Counter - Terrorism Service (CTS) revealed, on Thursday, new details about its recent operations against ISIS terrorist gangs, while identifying areas of terrorist existence.


     CTS spokesman, Sabah al-Numan, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "The recent operations carried out by the Counter-Terrorism Service are part of its ongoing operations to pursue ISIS remnants," noting that "The detachment that was eliminated yesterday, Wednesday, had 3 members, and aimed to attack one of the security forces' checkpoints".


    He added, "This detachment was monitored by the CTS forces that have prior intelligence information about the intent of this group to carry out a terrorist act, affirming that they were ambushed by the CTS forces, as the operation resulted the killing of all the terrorists and destroying their hideout".


    In response to a question about the possibility ISIS return, Al-Numan confirmed, “These gangs exist in separate areas, especially the difficult terrain in Kirkuk province and valleys linking Kirkuk with other provinces such as Nineveh and Diyala up to Sulaymaniyah,” explaining that , "ISIS takes these areas as hideouts ,preparing to lunch terrorist operations".

    Al-Numan excluded the return of ISIS terrorist gangs, as he indicated that "there are no indications of the return of these gangs, because all cities are secured, especially Kirkuk."


    Al-Numan affirmed that, "What ISIS terrorist gangs are carrying out sporadic attacks, the purpose of which is to drain the efforts of the security forces, but CTS will continue pursuing the remnants of these terrorist gangs wherever they are."