WHO: New Corona strains may bear the constellations names

  • 8-08-2021, 16:17
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    Follow up - INA

    The World Health Organization suggested, on Sunday, to carry new types of mutant virus Corona emerging names of constellations, when the letters of the Greek alphabet run out.

    WHO expert Maria Van Kerkhove said in an interview with the Telegraph: “The new mutated types of the emerging corona virus may bear the names of the star groups, when the letters of the Greek alphabet run out,” indicating “maybe we will not have enough of the Greek alphabet, but we are already studying.” The next series of names.

    "We're really studying the option of constellations, so we thought about the names of the Greek gods, but we later gave up on that idea," she added.
    At the end of last May, the World Health Organization announced that the names of the new strains of the Corona virus will be used in its names, the Greek alphabet.

    The aim of using the Greek alphabet is to avoid naming new mutant countries with the names of countries, which would send negative connotations about those countries.