PMF issue a statement regarding US-Air strikes against its forces west Anbar

  • 28-06-2021, 14:00
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    The Popular Mobilization forces issued a statement regarding the American attack on its forces in western Anbar, while it considered the attack as a breach of Iraqi sovereignty.
    In a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), PMF stated that at 2 a.m., Monday, the American aircraft targeted three stationed points of the Popular Mobilization Forces (brigades 14 and 46) at a distance of 13 km inside the Iraqi borders in the Qa'im district, west of Anbar province.
    The statement added that this attack resulted in the martyrdom of 4 martyrs, who were performing their usual duty to prevent the infiltration of ISIS terrorist elements from Syria towards Iraq, as part of the official duty of the PMF under the Joint Operations Command, and they were not involved in any activity against the foreign presence in Iraq, that the PMF declared its view about it many times before , pointing out that the PMF points that were bombed do not include any warehouses, contrary to the American allegations used to justify the crime against PMF fighters.
    PMF added in the strongest terms of condemnation, we denounced this sinful attack on our forces, and we extend our sincere condolences to the families of the dear martyrs, affirming that we reserve the legal right to respond to these attacks and hold the perpetrators accountable on Iraqi soil
    This attack aims to weaken Iraq, its security forces, and the PMF that the U.S. and the rest of the world witnessed its victory over terrorism, it also serves to strengthen terrorist groups, the statement mentioned.
    The statement also added that this attack targets Iraq's sovereignty, especially as it coincides with great successes represented by the great PMF'S parade on the occasion of its 7th anniversary as well as the success of the tripartite summit in the capital, Baghdad, yesterday.