Together...a movie based on the true peaceful coexistence in Iraq

  • 10-06-2021, 15:06
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    Erbil - INA

    Director Shakhwan Kaka finished shooting the short film entitled (Together) in Erbil, who also took over the scriptwriting and production.

    Kaka told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the film highlights the importance of the plurality of religions and components in Iraq and Kurdistan and coexistence together with love, peace and brotherhood to stand in the face of any challenges faced by society, whether they are extremist ideas or terrorist attacks."

    He added, "The film will participate in several international festivals, informing viewers from different parts of the world about the greatness and strength of our people in the issue of peaceful coexistence, acceptance of others and living in freedom and peace," wishing "the film's participation in local festivals held in Iraqi provinces."

    Kaka continued, "The film was attended by a group of artists in Kurdistan, and the stages of filming and montage have been completed," expecting that "

    For his part, the artist Qadir Muhammad, known as Qadir Jibek, who is one of the main actors in the movie (Together), expressed his admiration for the story of the film, saying: "I was very impressed with the story of the film, which talks about the multiplicity of religions in Kurdistan and Iraq without any prejudice to any of them," noting that "any nation, whatever it is in Religious or ethnic diversity, if it is united, can stand up to any challenges it faces."

    He expected, "The film will achieve wide fame and win many awards."