Mayor of Baghdad: Al-Kadhimi supervises the study of large infrastructure projects

  • 8-06-2021, 19:54
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    Baghdad - INA

    Mayor of Baghdad, Alaa Maan, confirmed today, Tuesday, that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi directly supervises the study of large infrastructure projects, while revealing a number of projects that will be launched with eight residential shops.

    Maan told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The large advisory work for infrastructure, such as large bridges and ring roads, needs a feasibility study," noting that "the Baghdad Municipality is studying with the Prime Minister's Office and under the direct supervision of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi for options regarding these projects.".

    He explained that "these studies are related to the nature of these projects, whether the process of implementing them is through investment, like other countries, or the direction of implementation through the government effort."

    Maan added that "there are a number of projects awaiting implementation as soon as the funds allocated to them are released," noting that "there are projects in eight stores that have been announced on the Baghdad Municipality website, including Al-Fadiliyah and other stores, and the secretariat will start implementing them as soon as the funds are released from the Ministry of Finance."

    He stressed that "the secretariat will start announcing the projects in all transparency at the Baghdad secretariat site, so that Baghdad will be an integrated workshop," noting that "the remaining months of the year are enough to complete the projects because we are working on developing and covering, with integrated control, and preparing the work site, without any obstacles and this It will lead to the proper start and supervision of the work." 

    Maan continued, "We put Ibn Rushd Company, one of the Baghdad Municipality companies, to control these projects, and for this company to be supervising the application of the high technical specifications for all our projects," explaining that "these projects are not an investment, but rather by self-efforts and according to the project size, but large strategic projects need foreign expertise ".