MOC defines the advantages of the optical cable and confirms its continuation of the shock process

  • 17-05-2021, 15:23
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    Baghdad - INA 

    The Ministry of Communications identified, today, Monday, the advantages of the national project for optical cable, while confirming that it will continue to implement the shock process to reduce the smuggling of Internet capacity.

    Ministry spokesman Raad Al-Mashhadani said to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the national project for the optical cable, or the so-called (fiber to home), has been launched in the Zayouna district in Baghdad for more than a thousand homes," indicating that "the people of the region indicated quality The service provided on the Internet. "

    He added, "The project also addresses the large load that occurs through the optical cable (FTG), and it has provided great job opportunities for the unemployed," explaining that "the ministry aims to have the workforce exceeding 90 percent of the project."

    Regarding the shock process, Al-Mashhadani stressed that "the shock process launched by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi last June is still continuing in all provinces except for the Kurdistan region," noting that "the engineering staff that was assigned by the Minister of Communications are still carrying out their work in cooperation with my agency." Intelligence, National Security and the Ministry of Interior.