An engine that will reach anywhere in the world within two hours

  • 30-04-2021, 16:41
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    Follow up- INA

    Chinese scientists have tested a revolutionary jet engine, which is said to be able to reach anywhere on the planet with incredible speed in just two hours .

    The tests were carried out in a Beijing science laboratory, where the new engine was placed in an air tunnel designated for field testing .

    According to the Chinese newspaper  "scmp"  , Chinese scientists have designed a revolutionary aircraft engine that has reached the stage of "Mach 16" (16 times the speed of sound) .

    The scientists noted that the tests proved the high efficiency of the engine and its stable operating capacity in terms of thrust, structural integrity and work stability over long periods .

    The newspaper emphasized that the new engine is capable of serving atmospheric aircraft that could take off horizontally from airports in the future .

    The sources indicated that this engine will be able to rise to distances that exceed the Earth's atmosphere, and the plane that uses it can enter the air orbit after leaving and landing in a stable way on the ground, which was considered "a real revolution in the world of engines ."

    Source: Sputnik