AIC: Anbar airport will be the largest in Iraq

  • 29-04-2021, 19:02
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    The Anbar Investment Commission announced the completion of the preliminary approvals for the construction of the international airport in the governorate, while it confirmed that the airport will be the largest in Iraq after its construction, with an air freight capacity of 500 thousand tons annually.

    The head of the Anbar Investment Commission, Mahdi Al-Noman, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "The Anbar Governorate administration and the Investment Authority have completed preliminary approvals for the establishment of Anbar International Airport, which will be the largest of its kind in passenger and air freight transport with a capacity of 500 thousand tons annually.

    He added, "The airport will be the first in Iraq, as it was designed according to modern designs developed by the American International Company, and it will be the designer and supervisor of the project."

    Al-Noman continued, "The initial allocations allocated by the governorate amount to 75 billion dinars, and there are other allocations to be added to it, as this airport will be the largest and most modern in design and implementation, and it will be transferred to the custody of international companies specialized in these areas."