Parliamentary Legal commettie: the political immunity protects the MPs from two things

  • 20-04-2021, 16:07
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    The Parliamentary Legal Committee announced that immunity protects the representative from extortion and pressure, while noting that some MPs are excluded from granting immunity if he is in the act of committing a crime, whether criminal or otherwise .

    A member of the committee, Hassan Fadam, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "There is a legal article that gives a member of parliament legal immunity and protects against extortion and pressure in legislating laws of higher interests," indicating that "this article is important for a deputy during the performance of his parliamentary and oversight role. "

    He added that "there are many pressures that the deputy is exposed to, and it may invest in some judicial cases to put pressure on him during his supervisory and legislative work."

    Fadam asserted that "the judicial and executive authorities have the right to implement arrest warrants," explaining that "lifting the immunity of a deputy is at the request of the judicial authorities to the House of Representatives, where the request is presented to the representatives for a vote, and the immunity of the deputy is lifted so that the judicial authorities can record his statements."