MOHESR: Huawei offers training 3 thousand Iraqi University talents

  • 19-04-2021, 15:31
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    INA – Baghdad

    Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research – MOHESR signed on Monday, minutes of a meeting with the Chinese company Huawei to train and develop Iraqi talents in the field of informatics and communications technology.
    The minutes signed by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education Ali Hamid Al-Shukry and the representative of the Chinese company Huawei, Rafid Abbas Khidir, included a cooperation plan devoted to the fields of technology (ICT) to develop the environment for Iraqi talent, according to a statement by the ministry, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    It stipulated that Huawei would provide training to 3000 university professors and students during the coming years, while starting the ICT competition in May 2021 and the Seeds Iraq program in cooperation with MOHESR, which will supervise and coordinate between Iraqi universities in order to ensure the successful and effective implementation of the action plan and to create opportunities that support sustainable development.
    The Undersecretary of the Ministry Ali Hamid Al-Shukry expressed his appreciation and thanks to those in charge of running Huawei in Iraq, stressing that MOHESR appreciates this opportunity for young people to compete in the field of information technology and motivate them to develop themselves and enrich their technical and scientific information.
    "MOHESR, with all its formations, takes care of creative people and aims to encourage the young energies of its generations to advance the technological reality in Iraq," he explained.