The orchestralia gathers Shamma and Neaimi in Lebanon

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  • 23-03-2021, 16:27
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    Baghdad -INA

    Composer Qoutayba Neaimi announced today, Tuesday, that he will present orchestral works for Oud in cooperation with musician Naseer Shamma in Lebanon.
    Nuaimi said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "He is currently working on developing other projects and will present new works next year in Belgium, France, Germany and New York."
    Neaimi also expressed his "pleasure to cooperate with the great Iraqi musician Naseer Shamma, who will hold a concert jointly with the Lebanese National Philharmonic Orchestra on the 9th of next March, under the leadership of Maestro Harout Fazlian," noting that "the work aims to send a message of peace to the Lebanese people due to the circumstances that are going through." Out for the time being. "
    He confirmed that "the lute and orchestra program will be presented in commemoration of the Al-Amiriya incident, and the musical work" Al-Amiriya "was prepared by the artist Naseer Shammh orchestralia, with the aim of giving wider expressions to the famous composer. The dialogue between the Oud and the orchestra, and the orchestral export of the work to the world stage.
    He explained that he “conducted detailed discussions with Shamma about the character and meaning of the piece in order to produce the work in a way that allows preserving the basic composition and the original character of the work,” indicating that “the second work is titled“ Ishraq ”by the artist Naseer Shamma, and that the work on this piece was orchestrated while preserving the identity of the original work. "
    In addition to that Neaimi pointed out that "the third work will be presented by the artist Shamma, which is the solo Oud with the orchestra, adapted from the famous international prestige (The Barber of Seville), which is one of the wonderful pieces of the artist Rossini."
    The works of the Belgian soprano will be presented by Julie Gebhardt with the orchestra “Al Nakhil”, and that this work is one of his new books and will be presented in both Arabic and French. "Action Business speaks of a desire for hope and peace in Iraq and Lebanon."