No democracy without independence and vice versa

  • 14-03-2021, 17:15
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    Prof. Dr. Amer Hassan Fayyad

    In Iraq, a nation cannot be established nor a state is formed without proceeding in the wheel of policies that are moving in Iraq from a pre-state entity or political entities to the Iraq of the nation-state .. And in order for a true Iraq to be formed, every democratic transformation in it should not be interpreted except as a path whose tools are pluralism Partisan and political alliances; Because democracy, in principle, is not a doctrine that we advocate in exchange for those who oppose it, nor is it a doctrine that we cherish in exchange for someone who defiles it, nor an ideology that we fight for against those who fight against it, nor is it a mechanism that we beg its tools to climb power once and give up its tools again in order not to descend from the platforms of authoritarianism. In other words, democracy is an integrated system of thought and practice that includes and frames diversities and works within the movement of alliances and paths that improve the management of diversities, and on the basis of that, that movement system cannot be part of the activity of a political party and it cannot be directed in the name of a party, and it cannot be attached to a party. There is no side or back side for a party. In the context of completing the characteristics of a true Iraq, we say that this Iraq is the Iraq of the state and not the Iraq of the pre-state ... and the Iraq of the national interest, not the regional quota system ... and the Iraq of democracy framed by national independence, not an Iraq of independence, which is full of democracy, not an Iraq of democracy embraced by sovereignty.