After 95 million injuries in the world … 11 countries have not been reached by Corona

  • 17-01-2021, 15:02
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    Follow up-INA

    After the number of new Coronavirus infections in various parts of the world approached 95 million, and the number of deaths from them exceeded the two million mark, it seems as if the epidemic has swept the whole world.

    But it may seem strange if we say, however, that there are few countries in the world that did not reach the epidemic at all, and remained free of the virus more than a year after the start of the virus outbreak after the first infection appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019, that is, more than before Public.

    Indeed, there are 11 countries in the world that have not been reached by the Corona virus, which causes the Covid-19 epidemic, according to the American "New York Post" newspaper.

    And it may not be strange if we know that all of these countries, except for one, are islands in the Pacific Ocean, and external traffic to and from them was almost halted after they closed their doors early, which prevented all international visitors from entering their shores.

    These countries are: The Cook Islands: With a population of about 17,000, the measures and precautions taken by the Cook Islands included the closure of schools, and encouraged social distancing in public places, but after a few weeks, life returned to normal. And the second Tuvalu: its population is estimated at 11,500 people, and this country quickly closed its borders and worked to impose a strict two-week quarantine on anyone entering the country.