Al-Dulaimi: PMF adopts the protection of the power transmission towers

  • 10-01-2021, 12:53
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    Baghdad - INA

    The governor of Anbar, Ali Farhan al-Dulaimi, confirmed, on Sunday, that the targeting of electric power towers has been addressed, indicating that the popular mobilization patrols are claiming to pursue the targets of the electric current and monitor the towers.

    Al-Dulaimi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The targeting of power lines has been addressed through security checkpoints, and by surprise them in the desert," stressing that "security operations are still continuing in the depths of the desert against terrorist groups."

    He added that "the reason for stopping electricity at the present time is technical, related to pressure on wires, which creates a breakdown in the electric current."

    He stressed that "the security situation in the governorate and the depth of the desert are stable, and there are patrols of the popular mobilization that adopt the pursuit of the targets of the electric current and monitoring the towers."