Russia unveils an advanced electric car

  • 11-12-2020, 13:05
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    follow-up INA


     The Russian company Kamaz officially unveiled its new Kama-1 car, which it developed to be among the most prominent and distinctive electric cars.

     The new car features an elegant 3-meter and 70-centimeter structure, modern design of doors and its handles integrated with the body of the body so as not to be alienated from it to the outside, as well as advanced lamps that work with LED technologies that save energy.

     This vehicle has a cabin that can accommodate 5 passengers, on wheels equipped with discs with an attractive sporty design, and on the inside it is equipped with a sophisticated steering interface that features an electronic touch screen installed on the steering wheel opposite the driver, in addition to two safety airbags, and a Start-Stop button to start the engine.  The control device for the transmission systems in it was designed to be in the form of a small circular switch, as in modern BMW cars.