PFC: The White Paper, a roadmap to maximize revenues and reduce expenditures

  • 17-11-2020, 12:01
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    Baghdad -INA

    the Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed today, Tuesday, that the white paper is a road map to maximize revenues and reduce expenditures over the next 3 years, indicating that the government has confirmed sending the budget before the end of this month, while indicating that the Financial Deficit Financing Law will take effect 15 days after its approval. Calling the region to resort to the dialogue to find out what they have and what financial rights they have.

    A member of the committee, Naji Al-Saeedi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The law on financing the fiscal deficit has been voted on, and will take effect 15 days after the date of its approval, and will be published in the Iraqi newspaper Al-Waqae '."

    He added that "the region demanded sums of money amounting to 900 billion in exchange for the delivery of oil imports, and thus it is a legitimate right, but they must return to the House of Representatives, resort to the dialogue table, and find out what financial dues they have, and what they owe, to solve this problem."