Al-Kaabi stressed the maturing of laws accompanying the legislative renaissance in the world

  • 12-11-2020, 13:22
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    First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Al Kaabi stressed today, Thursday, the need to develop laws that accompany the legislative renaissance in the world according to visions that define priorities, stressing the importance of involving all sectors, academics and civil society organizations in issuing them.

    A statement issued by the Office of the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated that, "Al-Kaabi emphasized during his sponsorship of the dialogue seminar implemented by the Parliamentary Development Institute entitled (An Overview of Iraqi Legislations), the importance of involving various sectoral bodies, academics and community organizations. Al-Madani in issuing legislations, "stressing" the need to proceed with the maturation of laws that keep pace with developments and the legislative renaissance in the countries of the world, according to implementable approaches and visions that define priorities. "

    He added, "Al-Kaabi indicated that the formation of the Parliamentary Development Institute is a very important precedent for developing the capacities of MPs, advisors and employees and refining their experiences, as well as its active role in maturing and reviewing laws and drawing up legislative policy in the country," calling for "holding and activating memoranda of understanding and cooperation with research centers."

    And the statement continued, "The director general of the institute explained that he is proceeding with developing a comprehensive non-traditional plan for establishing partnerships with a number of organizations and research centers and coordination with regard to organizing seminars and conferences aimed at developing the legislative institution and its individuals."

    the Parliamentary Development Institute held a symposium entitled (An Overview of Iraqi Legislation) to discuss three axes: “The History of Legislation in Iraq from 1921-2003, the Axis of Legislative Drafting, and the Axis for Measuring the Impact of Legislation,” with the participation of a number of MPs, judges and directors of departments In the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, heads of trade unions and research centers, deans of universities and colleges, and civil society organizations.