Biden’s team steps up transition plans, and getting into post-results work

  • 7-11-2020, 14:08
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    Joe Biden’s advisers accelerated their transition planning Friday as election results showed him with an advantage in battleground states that could hand him the presidency, with the first senior officials in a potential Biden White House possibly named as early as next week.

    In Wilmington, Delaware, and Washington, Biden’s advisers and allies are ramping up their conversations about who might fill critical posts, both in the West Wing and across the agencies, guided heavily by Biden’s plan to assemble what would be the most diverse Cabinet in history.

    The behind-the-scenes activity underscored that even as Biden publicly offered a disciplined message about counting every vote and refrained from claiming victory, he was already mapping out a quick start in office as the nation faces a worsening pandemic and a damaged economy.

    Transition officials are also looking at what types of economic actions could be taken almost immediately, including rolling back some of Trump’s executive orders, part of a tradition in which new presidents move quickly to change or reverse regulations across federal agencies.