Russia: 18,665 cases and 245 deaths with Corona were recorded during the past 24 hours

  • 1-11-2020, 13:10
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    Today, Sunday, the health authorities in Russia announced that 18,665 cases and 245 deaths had been recorded with the emerging corona virus "Covid-19" during the past 24 hours.
    The headquarters of the Corona Virus Control in Russia said, in a statement, that "during the past 24 hours, 18,665 recent confirmed cases of infection with the emerging corona virus were recorded in 85 regions, including 4,640 cases that were discovered (24.9%) without clinical effects," noting that The total number of cases increased to 1636,781.
    He added: "We have confirmed 245 deaths from the Coronavirus during the past 24 hours, bringing the total virus deaths throughout Russia since the outbreak of the epidemic to 28,235 people."