A government delegation visits the families of martyrs of the demonstrations in Wasit

  • 27-10-2020, 13:46
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    Wasit - INA

    A government delegation headed by the Director General of the Department of Martyrs of Victims of War and Military Operations Tariq Al-Mandalawi visited a number of families of martyrs of the demonstrations in Wasit.

    Al-Mandalawi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Tuesday that "a government delegation set out from the capital, Baghdad, heading to Wasit Governorate, in implementation of the prime minister's directives to show the utmost efforts possible to take care of the group of martyrs and those affected in particular by the victims of the demonstrations that took place last year."

    He added, "The delegation visited the families of the martyrs who benefited from the issuance of retirement IDs stipulated in the institution's law in force," noting that "the delegation visited the family of the martyr Moamal Tariq Al-Khafaji, who was martyred on the second of October last year."