Joint Ops: The plans of Arbaeen visit are successful in every aspect

  • 7-10-2020, 16:51
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    Baghdad - INA - Amna Al-Salami

    Joint Operations Command confirmed the success of the security plans for visiting Arbaeen, while it indicated that it had begun preparing trains and wheels to transport travelers to all governorates of Iraq.

    "The Joint Operations, in cooperation with Baghdad Operations Command and the Capital Municipality, began preparing roads, removing some barriers and opening most of the special roads that were used by the visitors," said the spokesman of Joint Ops, Major General Tahseenn Al-Khafaji, to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stressing that "there is a smooth flow for the movement of wheels in the capital,"

    He added, "The security plans in Baghdad and Karbala are proceeding according to the plans, as there is a great mobilization for the security services,"

    Joint Ops Command provided two immediate ambulances to transport special cases for visitors to provide treatment as soon as possible, in addition to the instructions issued to visitors regarding avoiding the spread of the Corona pandemic and recommending wearing gloves and masks and not receiving food except through dedicated processions.

    Al-Khafaji added that Karbala Operations Command began, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Interior, Defense and the Popular Mobilization Forces, to prepare trains and wheels to transport visitors to all governorates of Iraq.

    "The security forces were able to preserve the safety of the visitors, and not allow anyone to tamper with their security and safety,"

    Al-Khafaji noted that "the visit, by all its standards, is a success, especially since the security forces managed to overcome all the challenges they face," adding that "the security committee supervising the visit is still practicing its work in continuous contact with all state agencies,"