PIC: We formed committees to follow up contracts concluded in the previous government

  • 22-09-2020, 11:55
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    Baghdad - INA

     Today, Tuesday, the Parliamentary Integrity Committee announced its support for efforts to combat corruption and hold the corrupt accountable.

     The head of the committee, Khaled Al-Jusaimi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Tuesday: "The committee supports the government's efforts in fighting corruption and that the Supreme Committee for Combating Corruption cannot judge its work, except by issuing results that contribute to eliminating corruption and holding accountable the corrupt who caused waste."  Big in public money. "

     Al-Jashami added that "two committees were formed to follow up the contracts concluded in the Ministry of Industry on suspicion of financial and administrative corruption in them."  Arming the Ministry of Interior in the previous government. "