A talented young man invents a device to improve the environment in Maysan

  • 15-09-2020, 12:01
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    Maysan - INA


     In the ancient city of the South, in a land whose sons planted their roots in the waters of its ancient marshes, where the goodness of Iraq was the first and provided it with writers, thinkers, and innovators in various fields, in Maysan that city that never raised the banner of surrender in the face of the thirst of wars and the neglect of the regimes throughout the ages, so it remained a hotbed for the people of this country.  Its successes and innovations are directed towards that hard ground in the face of the ordinary and soft under the feet of the people of Mesopotamia.  


    the beginning

    About the beginning of his interest in scientific affairs, Abu Al-Fadl said, "His entry into the world of electronics and innovation began when he was nine years old by repeating his questions to specialists about the work of things and how they are made and about how the devices work, so he either tamperes with them or opens them to find out how they work sometimes "adding:" I tried to do something, so I always smashed my toys in order to turn them into something else and with this I tried to see something of my own making working, until I joined the Scientific Care Forum in the area in which I live, and this place soon turned into a refuge  In it I empty my energy and talent or do what I like, especially as it supported young talents, as the director of the forum welcomed me at the time, Mr. Jawad Zughayer, and he never neglected in helping me until, in a few years, I was able to participate in competitions of invention and scientific innovation.


     Environment friend

    Abu Al-Fadl, the twenty-one-year-old who works at the Youth and Sports Directorate in Maysan, says that he is "interested in environmental aspects, which prompted him to think about creating an environmentally friendly device that contributes to improving the environmental situation in his governorate and other governorates", pointing out that he "was able to  Creating a device that is a (environmental incinerator) targeting the problem of medical incinerators. "

     He added that "this device is one of his most important scientific achievements because it contributes to reducing the risks of these incinerators on the environment of his city," noting that "medical waste is burned to get rid of its environmental harms, but it leaves fumes that may be bacterial or viral, which pose a threat to public health."

     Abu Al-Fadl added that "the environmental incinerator will be equipped with a filtration system to get rid of the products of the natural combustion process to produce only water vapor and some harmless gases and thus get rid of those incinerators harmful to the environment," stressing that "this invention won the bronze medal at the (Innovators Meet) Festival which was held in Egypt in 2015. "


     Scientific participations

     He pointed out that "I participated in many scientific conferences and festivals, including: the annual book and innovations exhibition in Maysan I in 2010 and won the third place, and the annual book and innovations exhibition in Maysan II for the year 2011 and won the first place and the annual book and innovations exhibition in Maysan III for the year 2012 and obtained the first place, as well as the Scientific Camp Festival in the South and the Middle Euphrates first, second, third and fourth, as well as participation in the Fourth Sovereignty Festival, with the participation of innovators and inventors from all over Iraq, and won the fifth place in it and the Fifth Sovereignty Festival at the level of Iraq and got the third place in it, and the Sixth Sovereignty Festival on  The level of Iraq and won the first place in it, and the seventh Sovereignty Festival at the level of Iraq and won the first place, in addition to participating in many festivals held by the Ministry of Education, such as the Festival (Innovators Meet) in Egypt for the year 2015, and the Fourth Book Fair and Innovations in Maysan for the year 2017 and the conference  Fi 2019 International in Jordan.


     Ambitious and supportive

     Abu Al-Fadl stated that "his ambition is to raise the name of Iraq and Maysan Governorate to international levels, to raise the scientific level in the country, and to achieve a proud achievement among the people of his province," noting that "he has many future projects that serve different sectors, including agricultural, scientific and others.

     He called for "more support for all talents and encouraging them to give in service to their country," stressing that "he is still receiving support from the Scientific Care Forum despite the limited financial capabilities available."