INA documents amber rice farms in Al-Mishkhab

  • 8-09-2020, 13:38
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    As soon as the cultivation of rice comes in the governorate of Najaf, all eyes will turn to the amber rice in which the Mishkhab district is famous.

    The agricultural season of rice in Najaf governorate for the current year is exceptional, as all the lands allocated for the rice crop of all three types (amber, jasmine and frati) have been cultivated, which will positively affect the development of the agricultural sector and the provision of food security for the citizen.

    The completion of irrigation projects in the governorate also provided sufficient quantities of water for agricultural purposes. However, there are some obstacles that hinder the development of agricultural reality and achieving self-sufficiency in food crops, including some farmers bypassing the water quotas by installing pumps with higher energy than specified for agricultural land.

    Another problem facing governorate agriculture is the presence of plants that impede the flow of water to the lands, such as the spread of the Nile flower plant and its excessive consumption of water and oxygen, which makes the water stagnant, in addition to the water champlan plant, which causes the gates of the sub-water systems to clog up and disable the water pumps.

    On the possibility of developing urgent solutions to these obstacles, the Iraqi News Agency (INA) met with the Director of Najaf Agriculture, Shahid Al-Fatlawi, who confirmed that "the Directorate, in cooperation with the Ministry of Water Resources, provided special mechanisms to remove impurities from water surfaces, as well as forming a joint committee to remove the abuses that occurred in the issuance of Irrigation systems and branch rivers, to ensure that water reaches all farmers in a fair way.