Al-Ibadi: The electrical connection with Jordan will be through stages

  • 3-09-2020, 08:28
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    Baghdad - INA

    Today, Thursday, the Ministry of Electricity confirmed that the network connection with Jordan will be through stages, while indicating that work on the Jordanian connection needs a period of between one and a half to two years to complete it.

    The spokesman for the ministry, Ahmed Musa Al-Ibadi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "There is a joint cooperation with the General Electric Company to initiate the first stage, to establish an existing feather / stand line, which will be 300 km, of which 288 km are inside Iraqi territory, and 12 How many inside Jordanian territory. "

    He added that "the first phase will start with 150 megawatts and will end with 960 megawatts, as it will link Iraq and Jordan and from Jordan to the Egyptian transport network."

    He pointed out that "the work will be in stages, as if work begins according to the sovereign guarantees and guarantees that will be conducted by the Ministry of Finance for the benefit of electricity, it will take from one and a half to two years, in order to complete it."