Al-Kadhimi: Iraqi Counter-Terrorism has the confidence of Iraqis

  • 29-08-2020, 14:20
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    INA - Baghdad

    PM and Commander-in-Chief of Iraqi Armed Forces, Mustafa Al- Kadhimi, made visit to the headquarters of the Counter-Terrorism Service, and was received by the head of the agency, Lieutenant General Abdel-Wahab Al-Saadi.

    Al-Kadhemi toured the agency’s headquarters, examined its departments, and opened a special center to examine those infected with the Coronavirus, included a statement of the Prime Minister’s Media Office received by Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    He also met the leaders of the Counter-Terrorism Service and was informed of the security apparatus’s work and plans.

    Al-Kadhemi expressed his happiness at his meeting with the elements and officers of the Counter-Terrorism Service, stressing that "the agency has the confidence of the Iraqis, due to the heroic and exploits it has achieved in the war against Daesh terrorist gangs, and the humane treatment of its fighters with the people of the areas liberated from terrorism and their sense of safety towards them"

     "The Counter-Terrorism Service has gained an international reputation as well, and we must work to enhance this reputation through continuous modern training and the need to consolidate the principle of the national creed in the work of the agency, as well as the rest of the security services," he added, " Iraq is facing challenges in the current period as the government's keenness to confront and overcome it, and correct many wrong paths to advance the country"