Plasschaert: Iraqi government is determined to maintain the dialogue between countries

  • 26-08-2020, 14:33
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    INA - Baghdad

    The representative of the United Nations in Iraq Jenin Hennes-Plasschaert asserted that the Iraqi government is determined to maintain communication and dialogue between countries.

    "The Iraqi government is determined to keep multiple channels of communication and exchange openly, choosing dialogue between countries and building relationships first," Plasschaert said in her speech during the session of the International Security Council regarding the updates in Iraq.

    She added, "The recent escalation in the Iraqi-Turkish border areas is a source of a great concern," noting that "we continue to urge the two countries to resolve differences through dialogue and cooperation with full respect for national sovereignty"

    "We renew our support for the people and government of Iraq in their efforts to address the Corona pandemic," she pointed out,

    She noted, "The Independent High Electoral Commission must be strengthened and freed from continuous political pressure"