Prime Coat shipment export to UAE

  • 26-08-2020, 09:49
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    INA - Baghdad

    General Company for Mining Industries announced the export of a new shipment of Prime Coat to UAE.

    A statement of the public company, one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals companies, said in a statement received by Iraqi News Agency (INA), on Wednesday, that "the company’s staff began exporting a new shipment of the prime coat to UAE, with an amount of (1.324) tons"

    "The quantity was produced in the asphalt products plant in Diyala province," the statement noted, "the prime coat product is used for spraying purposes when paving roads for the lower and upper layers and is produced according to the required specifications, standards and quality."

    The statement also added that "the company has resumed exporting the prime coat product to UAE since the beginning of the current month of August, bringing the total of what has been exported to (7.381) tons, and it is continuing to export on payments"