Al-Kadhmi's visit to Washington will achieve a kind of international balance

  • 9-08-2020, 12:12
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    Baghdad - INA


     Today, Sunday, the Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee confirmed that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhmi's visit to the United States of America will achieve a kind of international balance.

     Rami Al-Skini, a member of the committee, for the Saeron Alliance, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "Al-Kadhmi's visit to Washington is one of the important visits on the international side to achieve a kind of balance in performance, and to support and strengthen the Iraqi interest."

     He added that "the visit will address many of the economic and political axes and the security dimensions that can be achieved on the Iraqi arena."

      He pointed out that "there is a performance that must be different for the prime minister, and this can only be achieved with a balance in the performance of the Iraqi government, and the lack of tendency for one axis without another," pointing out that "there are international axes that are reflected in the Iraqi arena, so it is necessary to find a balance and calm in  The square, internally and externally. "