Samarra Medicines: Two months for the manufacture of Russian medicine in large quantities

  • 12-07-2020, 17:40
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    Baghdad - INA


     The General Company for the manufacture of medical supplies - Samarra, confirmed that the Russian treatment industry for Corona patients needs a period of time of up to two months, while it indicated that it is ready to produce large quantities of this treatment.


     The general manager of the company, Abdul Hamid Al-Salem, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Sunday, that "the General Company for the Pharmaceutical Industry has a plan to manufacture the Russian medicine within two months, so the Ministry of Health is obliged to buy it from any other party because of the seriousness of the cases in Iraq," pointing to  "The manufacturer in Erbil cooperated quickly and manufactured the treatment, as that company will equip the Ministry of Health within one month, as confirmed by the governor of Erbil."

     He added, "The General Company for the Pharmaceutical Industry is subject to governmental controls and is not allowed to manufacture any substance without a decision by the Ministry of Health, as the decision regarding the manufacture of Russian medicine came late based on clinical studies," noting that "the manufacturing process needs sufficient time for studies and the company  The public will complete its studies and it will be ready, and in case the epidemic spreads alarmingly in Iraq, we will need millions of grains and the company has high industrial capacity. "