Joint operations: the heroes of Iraq have achieved their goals

  • 28-06-2020, 17:10
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    Baghdad - INA 


     The joint operations confirmed that the third phase of the operations of the Iraqi heroes achieved their goals in chasing the remnants of the Daesh terrorist gangs and were able to clear the lands and kill and capture a number of terrorists.

     "Operations of the first, second and third heroes of Iraq have managed to achieve their military goals and have succeeded in the security and intelligence fields, and have resulted in important results in chasing Daesh gangs and drying out the sources of terrorism," Operations spokesman Major General Tahsin al-Khafaji said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA) today. 

     He added, "The importance of these operations carried out by the security services and the popular mobilization forces lies in the fact that they did not leave the remnants of the Daesh terrorist gangs safe places, that they can ditch them and enable them to carry out terrorist acts in the areas that they consider hot, as well as the adoption of a new strategy and tactics in pursuit of remnants.  Daesh differs from its predecessors. "