WHO warns from the return of Corona pandemic with more ferocious

  • 26-06-2020, 19:03
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     Ranieri Guerra, Assistant Secretary-General of the World Health Organization, warned of a second, fiercer wave of the new Corona virus emerging after the end of the summer, similar to the Spanish flu.

     "The new Coruna virus is developing in the same way that we expected and it is similar to the Spanish flu," Guerra told Italian media on Friday.

     He added, "The Spanish flu disappeared in the summer, and then it returned more fiercely in the months of September and October, and about 50 million people died during the second wave."

     He pointed out that "the decline in the pandemic during the summer period and the decrease in the number of patients in intensive care rooms are already expected", stressing that the Italian health authorities are taking measures aimed at ensuring the reduction of the spread of the virus in the autumn.


     Source: RT