Al-Kadhmi: Corona pandemic represents a major challenge

  • 25-06-2020, 12:28
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    Baghdad - INA


     Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhmi confirmed today, Thursday, that community awareness is very important to surround the Corona pandemic and reduce casualties.

     And his media office said in a statement that the Iraqi News Agency (INA) received a copy of it, that "Al-Kadhmi held a meeting with the medical services of the Ministry of Defense and the Popular Mobilization Authority, directed with the support of the Ministry of Health with all available capabilities."

     Al-Kadhmi said, according to the statement, "The Corona pandemic represents a great challenge, and all the capabilities of the state are available to confront it and treat the injured," stressing that "societal awareness is very important to surround the pandemic, reduce injuries, and protect the people."