Minister of Immigration from Karbala: We do not compel the return of the displaced in a compulsory manner

  • 25-06-2020, 12:24
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     The Minister of Immigration and Displaced thanked the religious authority and Mr. Ali Al-Sistani for his directives to embrace the displaced and provide care and assistance to them, stressing that the holy Karbala had received the displaced from the Yezidis, Shabak and Turkmen during the war against the Daesh terrorist gangs, which explains Mr. Sistani's position and his call to embrace the displaced, as we consider him the father of all  Iraqis.

     For his part, Governor of Karbala Nassif Al-Khattabi asserted that "the local government will be one working team with the Ministry of Immigration to serve the citizens who have suffered from the oppression of the Daesh terrorist, and in order to serve the displaced in the province and lift the injustice that affected large segments of the Iraqi people.