FM and his American counterpart discuss urging investors to work in Iraq

  • 16-06-2020, 20:58
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    Baghdad - INA


     Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein, during a telephone conversation, today, Tuesday, with his American counterpart, Michael Pompeo, discussed ways to develop joint cooperation between Baghdad and Washington in various fields.

     A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Al-Sahaf, said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "Hussein discussed during the communication ways of developing joint cooperation between Baghdad and Washington in various fields, including encouraging investment in all sectors, most notably the oil sector, infrastructure, and the importance of urging  Investors working in Iraq. "

     He added, "The Minister of Foreign Affairs affirmed that Iraq seeks to establish balanced relations with all countries of the world in accordance with the principle of achieving common interests, adopting the principle of non-interference in internal affairs, respect for the sovereignty of Iraq, and independence of the Iraqi decision," noting that "the Foreign Minister also touched on the visit  The Prime Minister is expected to Washington if health conditions permit. "