Extraneous and dangerous viruses outside the Earth

  • 12-05-2020, 10:28
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    Scientists have revealed that there are new warnings about the transmission of strange viruses from Mars to Earth

    Scientists said: "When humans return from the planned visit to Mars in the 1930s, they will have to quarantine because rock samples from the Red Planet may be as dangerous as the Ebola virus, even if the probability of this is low, and they will have to missiles returned from Mars. Undergo a chemical cleaning process that includes intense heat. "

    "Protecting the Earth should be of the utmost importance when welcoming anyone or anything from Mars," said Scott Hubbard, Stanford professor of aviation and space science.

    Hubbard said there is a "possibility that the millions of years old rocks from Mars contain a very low active life. But the Mars samples returned by NASA will be isolated and treated as if they were the Ebola virus until proven safe."