MCC announces completion of the technical report to contain the Coronavirus

  • 12-05-2020, 09:14
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     MCC announces completion of the technical report to contain the Coronavirus

    The Media and Communications Commission announced today, Monday, the completion of the technical report of the activities it submitted to contain the crisis of the Corona Virus.

    In a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), the organization said that it "expresses its thanks and appreciation to all state institutions, the World Health Organization, national, Arab and foreign media operating in Iraq and civil society organizations for their support and support the organization's actions in awareness and prevention to reduce the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic." .

    And believes that "the positive handling of the media with the crisis and dealing with events and news with high professionalism has made Iraq among the countries that have high transparency in the mechanism of dealing with the crisis of Corona."

    The Commission appreciated "the work of mobile phone companies in delivering educational guidance to all citizens through messages (SMS) and communication tones, in addition to humanitarian and financial contributions, in parallel with it comes the role of ISP companies that had a clear imprint in the establishment of e-learning platforms and important participation In the campaigns of sterilization and sterilization, and the provision of protective supplies in all Iraqi provinces. "