Al-Kadhemi calls on European companies to invest in Iraq

  • 11-05-2020, 13:23
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    INA - Baghdad

    Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhemi called on European companies to work and invest in Iraq, while stressing his commitment to protecting the demonstrators and holding those involved to attack them accountable.

    During his meeting in his office in the governmental palace today with ambassadors of the European Union countries, Al-Kadhemi confirmed that the union is a friend and partner and we hope that the countries of the union will continue to support Iraq in its war against Daesh because of the economic conditions it faces during Corona pandemic that lowered world oil prices, according to a statement by his media office received by Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    PM Al-Kadhemi added: "We look forward to helping European countries in Iraq to build its economy," calling on "European companies to work and invest in Iraq, and promised to overcome obstacles that may face their work"

    The Prime Minister continued: We are committed to what our people to respect human rights, the right to peaceful demonstrations, protect demonstrators, hold those involved to attack them accountable, carry out the reform process and conduct free and fair elections.