Basra Airport: All flights are regular except the Turkish Airlines

  • 9-01-2020, 12:35
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    Basra - INA

    A spokesman for Basra Airport, Nazem Al-Amiri, said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency: The daily air traffic in Basra International Airport is normal and according to the schedule prepared by the Civil Aviation Authority and the fixed times, noting that Turkish Airlines company flights were canceled for special reasons relates to the company.

    He explained that canceling of the Turkish Airlines flights for special reasons related to the company and outside the airport will, noting that the rest of the domestic and international flights are regular.

    The Civil Aviation Authority had previously formed a committee to follow up on the mechanism of work of Basra International Airport.

    The assistant director of Basra International Airport, Murtadha Abdul Zahra Al-Kaabi, told the Iraqi News Agency: The Civil Aviation Authority has put in place a plan to follow up the airport's work to see the safety of the airport and its mechanisms and to ensure that the runway is working properly without any obstacles to keep the flights flying at specified times.