Chaired by PM; Combating Corruption Supreme Council holds 14th session

  • 3-07-2019, 10:48
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    Ina- Baghdad

    Political News

    The Supreme Council for Combating Corruption, chaired by PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi held its 14th session today- Wednesday.

    The Media office of PM Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement (Ina received a copy of): “The Council reviewed a number of issues; such as- procedures to finalize the control measures of oil smuggling, and directed the Interior Ministry to provide the PM with a timetable for drug control measures. The Council listened to a report of the Integrity Commission (IC) regarding the officials included in the financial disclosure list. The report revealed about 265 officials who haven’t presented their financial disclosure statues yet. The council reviewed IC report for checking real estate registration departments’ work and cases of manipulation of citizens and state properties, and how citizens are being blackmailed; the council made several decisions in this regard”.

    “The Council also reviewed Supreme Judicial Council’s report on the actions taken towards integrity cases in all appellate areas throughout Iraq. Pointing to the importance of finalizing partnerships with international and local organizations specialized in combating corruption; in a manner that enhances Iraq’s status and its international classification”.

    According to the statement, the council discussed the new mechanism for printing textbooks at the Ministry of Education and its role to stop wasting money, while giving opportunity to the private sector to get involved in the procedure, and directed to finalize consultations on the five-year anti-corruption strategy with a view to its adoption.