Al Haddad calls for the formation of a committee to investigate the reality of the outbreak of fires of sulfur Mashraq

  • 27-06-2019, 16:46
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     Baghdad - INA

    Iraqi Vice President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Bashir Al-Haddad on Thursday called on the concerned departments and authorities in Nineveh province and the local government to exert all energies and resources to deal with the fires in the public company of the Mashraq and the surrounding areas in southern Mosul.

    In a statement received by the Iraqi news agency , Al-Haddad said that Al-Haddad is following the second day with great concern of the consequences of the fire disaster in the General Company for the sulfur of Mashraq and surrounding areas in southern Mosul.

    The coordination between the mourning and the Kurdistan region during a telephone call to continue efforts to send private aircraft to extinguish the fire to extinguish the remaining fire and control the effects of smoke, as well as sending more ambulances and emergency teams and medicines for patients with breathlessness and asthma, and all medical supplies to contain the fires of sulfur And help those affected by this incident.