Investment: Iraq's climate vision aims to diversify energy sources and move towards clean alternatives

  • 4-07-2024, 21:01
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    Baghdad - INA

    Chairman of the Investment Commission, Haider Makiya, confirmed today, Thursday, that Iraq's Climate Vision 2023 aims to diversify energy sources and move towards clean and renewable alternatives.

    The commission said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The National Investment Commission hosted a specialized workshop to discuss Iraq's vision regarding the production of green and blue hydrogen and products that enter into various sectors and their impact on the Iraqi economy, in the presence of the Prime Minister's Advisor for Energy Affairs and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Water Resources, with the participation of several representatives of the ministries (Science and Technology, Environment, Agriculture, Water Resources, Industry and Minerals, Oil, the Advisory Board and the German Cooperation Organization, as well as the commission's advisors)." 

    The head of the National Investment Commission, Haider Muhammad Makiya, said during the opening of the workshop: "Iraq's vision to enhance the activity of using green and blue hydrogen as part of its strategy to develop the national economy is among the government's directions in developing Iraq's Climate Vision 2030, which aims to diversify energy sources and move towards clean and renewable alternatives." 

    He added, "This is an important step in diversifying energy sources, as hydrogen is a clean and sustainable source of energy and can help reduce dependence on fossil fuels, as well as achieve sustainable development and transition to an economy that relies on clean energy and reduces negative environmental impacts and improves air and water quality."

    He pointed out that "the development of new industries is linked to hydrogen production in addition to creating new job opportunities and strengthening the local economy, as hydrogen can contribute to meeting the growing demand for energy in sustainable ways."

    The statement added that "the workshop included a review of Iraq's plans in the field of renewable energy and biofuels and their impact on economic development and facing challenges in developing this sector and over-reliance on oil and moving towards alternative energy."  

    He continued "The workshop focused on the importance of continuing work and cooperation to achieve Iraq's vision in the field of clean energy and holding future workshops to follow up on progress and discuss developments in this field."