PM's advisor: Iraq is safe from any international financial risks

  • 17-06-2024, 20:30
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    Baghdad - INA

    Advisor to the Prime Minister, Mudhar Muhammad Salih, confirmed today, Monday, that Iraq ranked distinguished among international groups that follow the best banking compliance systems, which makes it safe from any international financial risks, indicating that the international community also praised the solidity of the financial and banking system. 

    Salih told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “Cash issuance mechanisms are one of the exclusive powers of the Central Bank of Iraq as it is the issuing bank based on its Law No. 56 of 2004,” indicating that “what is published here and there about problems with cash liquidity is far from the institutional basis.” The well-established monetary authority in Iraq, which is one of the most important authorities concerned with the issues of the availability of cash liquidity and the stability of the payments system, which contributes to the sustainability of the stability of transactions in the national economy.

    He added, "Managing cash liquidity, building the monetary foundation, and controlling liquidity levels in the country are subject to the principle of a long-term plan that is consistent with achieving the operational objectives of monetary policy in order to achieve the intermediate goals of stability and sustainable economic growth and determine the stability of long-term cash flows."

    He stated that "Iraq occupies a distinguished rank among the international financial groups that follow the best international banking compliance systems, which makes our country safe from any international financial risks," pointing out that "Iraq is a cornerstone of regional and international financial cooperation institutions in the scope of combating money laundering and money laundering crimes." Crime and terrorism.”

    He stated that "Iraq recently received clear, positive praise for its strong anti-money laundering policies at the Financial Action Organization conference for the Middle East and North Africa region, which was held in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and it is a testimony from the international financial community that confirms the solidity of the financial and banking system in Iraq with the principles of compliance and the integrity of financial and banking operations." .