Puking hell at 38,000ft: 70 passengers fall ill with vomiting bug during flight from Mauritius to Frankfurt

  • 4-05-2024, 08:45
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    Passengers suffered puking hell at 38,000 feet on Thursday when 70 people fell ill with a vomiting bug mid-way through their flight.
    Condor airline Flight DE2315 was travelling from Mauritius to Frankfurt when it became clear that many passengers on board were suffering from the bug.
    The aircraft landed in the German city at around 5.33pm where it was greeted with a large contingent of emergency services.
    Crew had called ahead to alert officials on the ground of the unfolding emergency.
    It was found that 70 of the 290 passengers onboard had suddenly reported symptoms including nausea and vomiting.
    Source- dailymail